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Frequently Asked Questions

Why must all guests sign waiver?

We want all of our guests to be fully aware of the hazards that are associated with our play equipment. We also want to make sure our guests fully understand all of the rules of our facility. By signing and reading the waiver and rules our guests acknowlegde that they are fully understand & accept the risks involved.

May we bring in our own food?

NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED unless you have booked the party room.  In this case birthday cake and ice cream are the only items allowed.   We only have a small freezer on site, so we do not suggest to bring ice cream because it will likely melt by the time it will be served. Ice cream cups would work better if you must have ice cream. 

If you would like anything to eat while you are visiting our facility we would be happy to order you something from a local eatery that we deal with frequently and have it delivered in.  Thak you for your compliance.  We will ask you to remove ANY food or drink items if they are brought into the facility without a party booking.

May we bring in our own paper products and decorations?

By all means, if you would like to bring in your own paper products please do so. Our paper supplies are generic and have no theme. Please limit the additional decorations to balloons because time is limited & the room is already decorated.

Do I lose my deposit if I have to cancel?

No, you may use it toward a new date, but it is Not refundable.